custom green homes in IndianapolisWhen it comes to custom green homes in Indianapolis, it’s about more than saving the environment. The benefits of building a green home stretch beyond water conservation and air retention. The benefits of building green include things like lower energy costs and better performance.

If you’re thinking about building your dream home, then it might be time to consider going green. When you build a green home, you’ll be building a home with all of these added benefits:

A Confidence Boost

Energy standards are constantly changing, which can make building and maintaining a custom home both difficult and costly. When you build your custom home with green in mind from the get go, you can rest easy knowing that those energy standards are not only being met, but in some cases being exceeded.

When you’ve found the plans you love or have the home of your dreams drafted, you can incorporate different green technologies into your home that will make life easier for you.

Lower Costs

On average, building custom green homes in Indianapolis can save a homeowner $200 to $400 annually. While that may not seem like a lot of money, over time it really starts to add up and save owners thousands of dollars. High performance homes use less energy for heating and cooling, water heating, and they conserve water. All of those things are great for environment, but they’re also great for your wallet!

Another great benefit of building a green home is having the opportunity to finance the project with an Energy Star Mortgage or an energy efficient mortgage.  

Increased Efficiency

Because your home will be built with energy efficient materials and will meet a higher standard, you can expect increased efficiency for your home’s systems. For example, installing an energy certified heater or air conditioner can result in  better performance and better protection against cold and heat.

The increased efficiency will also lead to consistent temperatures, improved air quality, and greater durability for your entire home.  

Custom Green Homes in Indianapolis are Better For the Environment

While building custom green homes in Indianapolis can be great for you and your home, it’s also great for the environment. You probably haven’t thought of it, but the typical home is an energy and resource hog. When a home uses energy, like electricity or natural gas, it’s consuming fossil fuels. By building a green home, you can reduce the amount of fossil fuels your home consumes, resulting in a cleaner environment.

Building custom green homes in Indianapolis doesn’t just benefit the environment. It benefits the homeowner. If you’re thinking about building a custom home in Indianapolis, you may want to build it green. G & G custom homes can help you build the custom home of your dreams while also helping the environment.