G&G’s Top 3 Favorite Features At Chatham Hills

Chatham HillsIf you are looking for that perfect property for your custom home project in the Indianapolis area, listen up. The Club at Chatham Hills is a new community in Westfield that has people all over the Indianapolis area drooling. This luxury community has so much to offer that it’s hard to imagine building a custom home anywhere else.

If you are thinking about building a custom home, there are tons of reasons to consider Chatham Hills. We’ve scoped out the land at Chatham Hills, and we wanted to share our favorite features with you. 

3. The luxury clubhouse.

Stop by this clubhouse and see for yourself. The Club at Chatham Hills is going to be all about community. We love that this clubhouse offers an incredible view and that it includes features that will bring people together. It’s clear that the Club at Chatham Hills is going to be all about lifestyle. If you are looking for the perfect neighborhood environment that shares your idea of the ideal lifestyle, this place is definitely for you.

2. The championship golf course.

This golf course by the award-winning golf course designer Pete Dye, who has also designed golf courses for the PGA championship. This course will offer the signature look of a Pete Dye golf course. Dye cleverly uses the beautiful landscape at Chatham Hills and incorporates it into his course design. This is a golf course that will definitely make golf-lovers swoon.

1. The natural landscape.

The lush, green land at Chatham Hills makes people stop and stare. The beautiful ravines, the babbling brooks and the rolling landscape is unlike any other place in Indiana. Seeing the incredible natural landscape at Chatham Hills will take your breath away and make you proud to live in the State of Indiana.

Would you like to schedule a visit to Chatham Hills?

If you are looking for the perfect place to build your custom home, Chatham Hills is definitely worth a look. Be sure to look over the golf course map and the regional layout to get an idea of what this beautiful community looks like. Whenever you are ready, feel free to connect with the team at G&G Custom Homes for a tour of the properties, and we can help you find the perfect place to build your custom dream home.